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Using Your iPhone To Get Fit

Most avid fans of Apple’s range of smartphones will be using their phones for a range of different day-to-day activities, taking advantage of different apps and functions to get a little extra value or convenience from each interaction they experience.

One extremely popular example among iPhone users is fitness and exercise, because there is simply a staggering selection of activities that your phone can actually assist with. Here are just a few examples of things you can try, and the accessories or software you’ll need to get them a try yourself.

Make your iPhone your yoga instructor

There are a wide range of yoga apps available on the App Store which can guide you through a session, remind you of techniques and even teach you some brand new moves. Keeping your phone where you can see it is essential for this, and there are actually a number of iPhone cases which include display stands and are ideal for this purpose.

Use personal trainer apps

If you want to take your fitness routine a step further than the relaxation and flexibility you’ll be practising with yoga, you might opt for a full-on personal trainer app on your iPhone. Depending on your choice, these can help you to manage every aspect of your daily life from diet to sleep patterns, and of course exercise routines, just like a real trainer would. This is a perfect solution for many people because their iPhone is already a constant companion.

Keep track of your favourite routes

If you have regular walking or running routes that you like to follow and you want to measure the effects of your exercise on your body, you can choose an iPhone app that lets you track exactly that. Just keep your phone with you when you go for your regular run, and many apps will automatically manage the rest.

Stay motivated with music

A great way to make sure you enjoy your fitness routine and stay focused is to have your favourite music keeping your company. iPhones are highly compatible with most wireless earphones designed for athletic activities, such as Apple’s new AirPods, so you’ll be rid of loose cables and able to move freely.

Connect your smartwatch or wristband

Another very popular approach is to use a wristband of some kind which connects to your phone to track your exercise. An Apple Watch is ideal for iPhone users and offers many more features besides fitness tracking, but there are also many cheaper alternatives which almost always pair with their own dedicated apps to give you useful readouts and analysis based on your activity.

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Workout at home using YouTube videos

If you cannot afford to go to the gym or hire a personal trainer, the best way to exercise would be at your own home. Luckily, thanks to the internet, anyone can easily learn to work out and exercise by simply Watching a tutorial on YouTube. There are thousands of videos on Youtube that can help you work out at home. Everything you need including Yoga, Pilate, Bodybuilding, Zumba and cardio are all available on YouTube.

Apart from YouTube, there are loads of advantages when you work out at home. This includes saving money in the long run and more convenient especially if you have a busy schedule. To help you get started with using YouTube as your personal trainer, we’ve listed the following articles that showcase the best Youtube videos for home workouts.

Workout at Home: 5 Amazing YouTube Fitness Channels for Women

Whether you are on the go or looking to switch up your normal fitness routine, YouTube is a wonderful resource with much to offer. It is no longer necessary to spend money on an expensive gym membership in order to get fit and achieve your fitness goals.

Working out at home is brilliant, saving time and money. I’ve been working out at home for the past five or six years. However, it wasn’t until a few years ago that I discovered how valuable a resource YouTube is. Traveling, staying in hotels, and moving takes its toll, and it can be difficult to pop in a DVD and workout. In the process of all that, YouTube quickly became my go-to for fitness.

Since then, I have been using YouTube as a fitness resource regularly. I have tried many fitness channels in my quest for exercise variation. Over the past few years, a few channels have stood out and I continue to utilize them in my fitness regimen. The following five channels are my favorites.

I first discovered Tracy Campoli’s YouTube channel three years ago, in the midst of moving. Traveling, staying in hotels, and the busy, stressful work that comes with trying to find a new place to live, left me little time and little room to workout. I needed something that was along the lines of my normal fitness routine, but required little equipment and space. A friend posted an arm workout of Tracy’s in a Facebook group and I decided to give it a try. Needless to say, I loved it.
Tracy Campoli’s YouTube channel:

11 Best 15 Minute At Home Youtube Workouts

If you’re ready to continue the year with cardio and strengthening moves to tone, sculpt and torch fat – look no further than YouTube. We’ve rounded up the best 15-minute workouts that require no gym membership, no need to leave the house and no equipment. So, no excuses! Time to get your sweat on.

Trainer: Blogilates
What to expect: Four intense exercises repeated non-stop for the duration of a song. Sound simple? Sure. Easy? Not quite.

Trainer: Blogilates
What to expect: Four intense exercises repeated non-stop for the duration of a song. Sound simple? Sure. Easy? Not quite.

Trainer: Boho Beautiful
What to expect: Squat pulses, planks and hip dips. This routine will boost your metabolism, burn fat, and strengthen.

Best Free YouTube Workouts: Online At-Home Exercise To Help You Get Fit

If your New Year ambition is to get fit, but the cost of a gym membership is putting you off and you can’t really face getting out in the cold then we may have JUST the solution. Whether your goal is to burn fat or tone up, we’ve scoured the web to bring you 5 of the best free workouts on YouTube. What are you waiting for? Grab your laptop and get cracking, pronto…

If your New Year ambition is to get fit, but the cost of a gym membership is putting you off and you can’t really face getting out in the cold then we may have JUST the solution. Whether your goal is to burn fat or tone up, we’ve scoured the web to bring you 5 of the best free workouts on YouTube. What are you waiting for? Grab your laptop and get cracking, pronto…

Best for: Yoga

Perfect for beginners, instructor Adriene has created an easy-to-follow ‘Revolution’ 31-day plan to get you hooked on the de-stressing activity in 2017. Ease yourself into it with the ‘Day 1’ video and, you may well be doing ‘Downward Dogs’ like a pro by the end of the month.

Best for: High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Why do it? HIIT has been big news in fitness circles for a while now – and for good reason, too. This type of workout allows you to burn fat in the most efficient way by alternating between intense periods of activity and rest. read more at

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Protein Shakes: How They Can Help You

The main role while building quality muscle mass plays well balanced nutrition. Whatever exercise you do, the muscle mass gain occurs only if body receives an additional building material – proteins. Effect and rate of muscle mass gain largely depends on the quality of the components of protein shake. So do not be lazy to make yourself protein shake – the results are well worth the wait!

Proteins are found in eggs, meat, fish and in other products. Athletes and bodybuilders need to consume them as a part of a healthy well-balanced diet. While building muscle mass, body needs to consume more proteins than usually. Without enough proteins, body can’t repair muscle tissue and may cause different health problems.dsc_03893

The results of using protein shake show that it is extremely helpful and has extraordinary effect in muscle gaining and muscle repair after workout.Protein shakes – is the foundation of sports nutrition for any athlete and bodybuilder. Generally, they represent a mix of a protein powder with soy milk or low fat cow’s milk, fruits (strawberries, bananas, cherries or raspberries), water, flavor, yogurt, chocolate powder and other different ingredients, depending on quantity of calories you want to consume through the shake.

Commonly protein shakes are divided into two types:

1. Shakes based on pure protein, which do not contain extra calories;

2. More caloric shakes with carbohydrates adding, witch are suitable for rapid muscle mass gain.

Protein often contains in its structure a specific set of amino acids and usually it should be used a few hours before your workout. In addition there are protein shakes that are digested quickly should be taken in the morning. Moreover, there are cocktails that are slowly digested, and if they are consumed at night before bed, they will saturate the body with protein while sleeping.

It is important to notice that protein shakes should never be used as a meal replacement, because in such way it slows down the metabolism and may provide muscle mass loss. As a rule, it is used after workouts or between meals as a supplement for healthy well balanced diet.

The best effect is achieved when you drink it after workout. It provides body with proteins, which is used for muscle build and strengthen and also for repairing microscopic tears inside muscles. Due to these benefits, it helps to reduce the recovery time and build muscle mass much faster than normally.young-woman-drinking-primal-organics-organic-whey-protein-shake

Powerful protein facts:

  • Protein can temporarily boost your metabolism and help suppress your appetite.
  • Protein is used not only for building muscle but also for burning fat.

Starting your day with protein reduces your cravings for carbs throughout the day.

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Why You Must Treat Food As Fuel For Your Body

Food is fuel for your body. What a no brainer! Sure, it’s the primary source of energy that gets you going each day. That’s true. But there is more to it. You already know that you have to watch what you eat when you do bodybuilding or strength training.

Because, in our trade, nutrition is pretty much half the battle. You are what you eat and if you don’t eat well, you will sabotage your progress. You must eat the right nutrients in the right quantities at the right times of the day.

Building muscle is all about protein. You must get your daily intake of protein or else your body simply doesn’t have the raw materials to construct an awesome physique. You will also need enough complex carbs to get the energy needed.

The Construction Siteskoptimum-nutrition

Well, picture your body as a construction site. You are an architect who has a clear picture in his head of what the end result should look like. The house to be built is your body. How big it shall be, what features it should have and so on has all been planned before construction begins. You, the architect, then sits together with a group of engineers. Together, all of you devise a detailed road map on how to get the desired outcome.

This roadmap are your training and nutrition plans. The workouts you put in are then kind of like orders that the architect and engineers pass along to the construction workers. They get up in the morning, wipe the sleep of their eyes and show up at the construction site. They are on fire, testosterone raging through their veins. They have been put through arduous sets of heavy squats, hard curls, ab work and bench presses.

Now they are ready to go and build the house – your body. Making it stronger and bigger with each passing day. But… They cannot do so if you do not provide them with the raw materials!

They are sitting there, waiting for the bricks and mortar. Without them, they cannot work, no matter how motivated they are and no matter how big their paycheck is gonna be. So did you deliver the raw materials?

In bodybuilding these are the nutrients that make you grow – protein, carbs, water, vitamins, minerals, some unsaturated fats (the good ones)… They have to be present or else the workers have nothing to do, bore out and go home. And get nothing done.

That’d be one heck of a waste resources, right? But it doesn’t have to be like that. You see, this is why you must treat food as fuel for your body. Make sure that you get your daily raw intake of nutrients so that construction of your body can go on as planned. Be goal oriented and pragmatic about your muscle food.

Make It Raw And Efficienttop_nutrition

A quart of low-fat milk here (35g Protein), a chicken or tuna salad there (30g Protein). Or use the kitchen blender to prepare a shake with a banana, skim milk, peanut butter and protein powder (30-50 g Protein). Open a can of low-fat corned beef and gulp it down with spicy tomato sauce or similar (20-40 g Protein). Get creative and don’t make it too complicated. Prepare stuff for the day early in the morning or the night before. Then take it with you to work, school or campus.

Remember, this is just about organizing a bunch of quick meals that help you meet your daily nutrient intake requirements, especially protein. This is apart from the regular meals you eat every day.

Gourmet meals are nice but they take a lot of time and some skill to prepare. So they are often not your best choice as far as muscle fuel is concerned. Now, there is nothing wrong with gourmet meals. There is a time to indulge yourself on treats.


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Top bodybuilding tips for women

women bodybuilding

Bodybuilding is becoming more and more popular this year especially for many women. Back in the days, women don’t normally participate in this kind of sport and fitness as many didn’t want to gain too many muscles as this may make them look masculine or unattractive. However, the perception has recently been changed as more women continue to influence and inspire a massive audience through social media. Bodybuilding has proven to be beneficial physically and provides many health benefits. It’s great for building a stronger and fitter body in the long run. If you’re one of the many whose looking to jump on the bandwagon, try our bodybuilding tips below to help you get started.

Heavy Weights

Bodybuilding consists of hard work and consistency. You will need to challenge yourself in the gym. So instead of going for the lower weights, it’s advisable that you start with a 10kg dumbbell. The heavier you lift, the more you build muscle in the long run. Being consistent with weight lifting will show better results in your muscle size too.

Type of Cardio

Bodybuilding means spending less time on your cardio but performing a higher intensity on your exercises. Ideally, you should only spend no more than twenty minutes. Don’t forget to stretch and warm up before your exercises.


You will need to have a healthy balance of fats in your diet. Fat is known to help to sustain your hunger and can help you lose fat. Fat can also be turned into muscle, so it’s great for muscle building. Ideally, you should try and get the healthy fats from avocados, fish, olive oil or nuts.

Nutrients and Diet

To help build and repair your muscles, you will need to have a healthy and clean diet that includes protein, carbohydrates, healthy fat, vegetables and fruits. Controlling your portions is also important so that you have a healthy and balanced diet.

Glutes Muscle

Many of you are probably on social media and have come across the famous glute exercise in body building. To obtain the glutes muscle, it’s important that you follow the correct exercise which includes the lunges, squats and hamstring curls.


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Awesome Female Bodybuilders

Bodybuilders spend their whole lives trying to sculpt their bodies into the bodies they want. There is no better way to get the results you want than to focus all your energy on getting to the goal and do whatever it takes to get there. Just like Kevin Spacey told his underling in the business drama-comedy, “Find out what you want, and do whatever it takes to get there”. This same principle applies to bodybuilding. One thing is definitely true about bodybuilding, and that is that you will not succeed unless you realize that bodybuilding will change every facet of your life completely. There are a lot of workout tips that you should keep in mind in order to get the perfect results. If you choose to eschew them, or get rid of them, then this could stop you from reaching your goal, and it could halt your progress, and slow you down completely.woman-exercising-back

Here are some of the top ten body-building tips that you need to keep in mind when working out. Follow these, and you will have a better chance of succeeding. But, the only one that can really make you succeed is you.

First of all, start out with a broad workout routine, and keep updating it with a lot of periodic changes. Don’t let your muscles get all exhausted on the same intensity levels because eventually they will burn out. Your progress will plateau, and you will go nowhere. You have to let your muscles rest adequately in between workouts. You have to only work out the same muscle group a couple times a week.

Second of all, train your whole body and don’t leave any part of it out. Don’t just pinpoint on one muscle group and leave all the rest of them out. Use harmony in exercising all your muscle groups. Work out the muscle group that you are most uncomfortable with early on so that you can be sure to succeed in that one group, and don’t neglect it later on. If you train your whole body, it will be more balanced and less prone to injuries, and you can really get a good jumpstart on exercising your whole body by starting with the muscle groups you don’t want to do first.

Make sure your body has plenty of recovery time. You don’t want to be guilty of going without enough rest. If you think that just chucking that recovery period will get you to bigger muscles faster, then you are much wrong. The effect will end up being what you don’t want to happen at all. There will be less muscle gains in that area. You need to rest with an ample amount of time. You can’t let any time go by when you’re not resting, eating, or working out. Don’t do sedentary activities. However, make sure that you get the rest and recovery that you need in order to make your muscles work right. There are a lot of reasons why people should stick to a good recovery time schedule.Eat a lot of protein, and this will increase your muscle growth, but make sure you pay careful attention to consuming enough protein from lean animal sources of protein like chicken and turkey. Don’t consume a lot of improper fats, which is not recommended at all. Protein is one of the most important things you can eat when you’re working out because protein is made up of amino acids, and amino acids are the essential building blocks of muscle. When you take in animal protein, it is broken down into amino acids, and these amino acids then become a part of your muscles. You really want to take in a lot of animal protein because nothing can compare to it. It is nothing like vegetable protein.

Eat four to six times a day instead of the usual two to three times. People that have three heavy meals a day often aren’t in the best shape. You don’t want to chow down a bunch of food three times a day, you want to graze a little on a lot of foods throughout the day.

Totally get rid of all the improper fats, sugars, carbohydrates, and refined drinks that are so terrible for you. Try to go for a healthier diet. This healthier diet will ensure that you have a better chance of being successful in the long run with a weight gain program. These foods actually make you less hungry. You will eat less and be worse off if you stick to these foods, and you won’t gain as much muscle.marsfitnesstotalbodyworkoutwomen

Carefully pick out your supplements and steroids, but remember that choosing the right supplements, steroids like Dianabol is one of the most important steps you can make. You don’t want to choose supplements that are dangerous or can have long-term health consequences. Stay away from supplements that stimulate you, and stay away from supplements that build up your muscles like steroids. Supplements can’t displace a healthy lifestyle. Remember that the two of them go hand-in-hand.Remember to always warm up before every workout session begins. The reason is that injuries can happen, and these can really delay your working out. Make sure that you get a lot of working out done after you stretch, and don’t let the stretching take more than 5 minutes. You don’t want to spend a lot of time stretching.

Stick to realistic goals, and you will not end up disappointed. If you stick to realistic goals, you will be in a better mood to realize the effects of your goals. You don’t want to have a high, and then have to come down from that high.

Don’ try to cheat your way through working out. There are no real shortcuts in working out, and you have to give your body plenty of rest and food in order for it to make it to work. You won’t get the body of your dreams, unless you’re really working out well.

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