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Food is fuel for your body. What a no brainer! Sure, it’s the primary source of energy that gets you going each day. That’s true. But there is more to it. You already know that you have to watch what you eat when you do bodybuilding or strength training.

Because, in our trade, nutrition is pretty much half the battle. You are what you eat and if you don’t eat well, you will sabotage your progress. You must eat the right nutrients in the right quantities at the right times of the day.

Building muscle is all about protein. You must get your daily intake of protein or else your body simply doesn’t have the raw materials to construct an awesome physique. You will also need enough complex carbs to get the energy needed.

The Construction Siteskoptimum-nutrition

Well, picture your body as a construction site. You are an architect who has a clear picture in his head of what the end result should look like. The house to be built is your body. How big it shall be, what features it should have and so on has all been planned before construction begins. You, the architect, then sits together with a group of engineers. Together, all of you devise a detailed road map on how to get the desired outcome.

This roadmap are your training and nutrition plans. The workouts you put in are then kind of like orders that the architect and engineers pass along to the construction workers. They get up in the morning, wipe the sleep of their eyes and show up at the construction site. They are on fire, testosterone raging through their veins. They have been put through arduous sets of heavy squats, hard curls, ab work and bench presses.

Now they are ready to go and build the house – your body. Making it stronger and bigger with each passing day. But… They cannot do so if you do not provide them with the raw materials!

They are sitting there, waiting for the bricks and mortar. Without them, they cannot work, no matter how motivated they are and no matter how big their paycheck is gonna be. So did you deliver the raw materials?

In bodybuilding these are the nutrients that make you grow – protein, carbs, water, vitamins, minerals, some unsaturated fats (the good ones)… They have to be present or else the workers have nothing to do, bore out and go home. And get nothing done.

That’d be one heck of a waste resources, right? But it doesn’t have to be like that. You see, this is why you must treat food as fuel for your body. Make sure that you get your daily raw intake of nutrients so that construction of your body can go on as planned. Be goal oriented and pragmatic about your muscle food.

Make It Raw And Efficienttop_nutrition

A quart of low-fat milk here (35g Protein), a chicken or tuna salad there (30g Protein). Or use the kitchen blender to prepare a shake with a banana, skim milk, peanut butter and protein powder (30-50 g Protein). Open a can of low-fat corned beef and gulp it down with spicy tomato sauce or similar (20-40 g Protein). Get creative and don’t make it too complicated. Prepare stuff for the day early in the morning or the night before. Then take it with you to work, school or campus.

Remember, this is just about organizing a bunch of quick meals that help you meet your daily nutrient intake requirements, especially protein. This is apart from the regular meals you eat every day.

Gourmet meals are nice but they take a lot of time and some skill to prepare. So they are often not your best choice as far as muscle fuel is concerned. Now, there is nothing wrong with gourmet meals. There is a time to indulge yourself on treats.




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