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The main role while building quality muscle mass plays well balanced nutrition. Whatever exercise you do, the muscle mass gain occurs only if body receives an additional building material – proteins. Effect and rate of muscle mass gain largely depends on the quality of the components of protein shake. So do not be lazy to make yourself protein shake – the results are well worth the wait!

Proteins are found in eggs, meat, fish and in other products. Athletes and bodybuilders need to consume them as a part of a healthy well-balanced diet. While building muscle mass, body needs to consume more proteins than usually. Without enough proteins, body can’t repair muscle tissue and may cause different health problems.dsc_03893

The results of using protein shake show that it is extremely helpful and has extraordinary effect in muscle gaining and muscle repair after workout.Protein shakes – is the foundation of sports nutrition for any athlete and bodybuilder. Generally, they represent a mix of a protein powder with soy milk or low fat cow’s milk, fruits (strawberries, bananas, cherries or raspberries), water, flavor, yogurt, chocolate powder and other different ingredients, depending on quantity of calories you want to consume through the shake.

Commonly protein shakes are divided into two types:

1. Shakes based on pure protein, which do not contain extra calories;

2. More caloric shakes with carbohydrates adding, witch are suitable for rapid muscle mass gain.

Protein often contains in its structure a specific set of amino acids and usually it should be used a few hours before your workout. In addition there are protein shakes that are digested quickly should be taken in the morning. Moreover, there are cocktails that are slowly digested, and if they are consumed at night before bed, they will saturate the body with protein while sleeping.

It is important to notice that protein shakes should never be used as a meal replacement, because in such way it slows down the metabolism and may provide muscle mass loss. As a rule, it is used after workouts or between meals as a supplement for healthy well balanced diet.

The best effect is achieved when you drink it after workout. It provides body with proteins, which is used for muscle build and strengthen and also for repairing microscopic tears inside muscles. Due to these benefits, it helps to reduce the recovery time and build muscle mass much faster than normally.young-woman-drinking-primal-organics-organic-whey-protein-shake

Powerful protein facts:

  • Protein can temporarily boost your metabolism and help suppress your appetite.
  • Protein is used not only for building muscle but also for burning fat.

Starting your day with protein reduces your cravings for carbs throughout the day.



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