Yoga mat
by womenslink | 11:23 am

Using Your iPhone To Get Fit

Most avid fans of Apple’s range of smartphones will be using their phones for a range of different day-to-day activities, taking advantage of different apps and functions to get a little extra value or convenience from each interaction they experience.

One extremely popular example among iPhone users is fitness and exercise, because there is simply a staggering selection of activities that your phone can actually assist with. Here are just a few examples of things you can try, and the accessories or software you’ll need to get them a try yourself.

Make your iPhone your yoga instructor

There are a wide range of yoga apps available on the App Store which can guide you through a session, remind you of techniques and even teach you some brand new moves. Keeping your phone where you can see it is essential for this, and there are actually a number of iPhone cases which include display stands and are ideal for this purpose.

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